PT. Multi Marmer Alam was established in October 1983. It started its long journey with a vision to supply domestic demand for high quality marble.  Now PT. Multi Marmer Alam has turned not only into one of best quality marble Indonesia and limestone producers in Indonesia but also the world as a whole.



PT. Multi Marmer Alam processes up to 35.000 m2 every month. More than 40% of our total production (about 22.000 m2 per month) is exported to countries world wide.



Due to the increasing and more reliable quality, the demand for our Indonesia marble today comes not only from Indonesia but also from Australia - Canada - Japan - Hong Kong - Korea - Malaysia - USA - Singapore - England - Holland - Middle East.



We sell more than marble and stone, we sell beauty!!!!.  Do visit our gallery to see for yourself how we are able to beautify you property with our products and services.


PT. Multi Marmer Alam Factory

PT. Multi Marmer Alam Quarry

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